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Evangelizing Proposal

THE Company of Mary it is an apostolic mission project that was born from the life experience of St. Joan of Lestonnac. It is an Education-Mission Project, making its legacy a reality through its Educational Project.
 An education at the service of the faith that contributes to the transformation of society according to the values of the Gospel, and has in the person of Mary, Our Lady, a solid and inspiring reference.
Our first and most important mission: to invite to live the Good News of Jesus of Nazareth, to live and share the Gospel of joy in the reality in which we are; creating close and open spaces that value people, taking care of interpersonal relationships in a welcoming, close and joyful environment as an evangelical and educational experience.
Develop greater social sensitivity, commitment to peace and justice, paving the way for the common good, ecological awareness and care for the Common Home.
Develop dialogue between different cultures and religions.
The development and cultivation of spirituality, interiority and transcendence as a fertile field for the integral and integrative development of our students, in all its dimensions (academic, emotional and spiritual), offering an evangelizing, integral and transforming education.

Sonia Goretti
Pastoral General Coordinator






Interior Cultivation Project

THE education has an important role in the construction of the person's identity, and the  interiority it is the dimension where the person is configuring himself as an artisan of his own life. This dimension is an unfinished reality that is being built with skills and techniques that cultures, religions and different psychological, philosophical and humanist currents have made available to us.

A transversal project that starts in Kindergarten and continues through High School, elaborated and structured for the different stages of development, it meets the needs and realities of each segment and age group.

Lestonnac Friends Group – GAL's: For the 6th and 7th year of Elementary School - Final Years

An extra-class proposal, which promotes fortnightly meetings with students. Smaller groups that aim to strengthen bonds of friendship, awaken leaders and protagonism, through various reflective activities, theatrical, musical, sports, bringing current topics and of interest to the group.

Life Project and Professional Project: Offered to students from Elementary School II (8th grade / 9th grade and EM).

In a path of improvement of Project “I” (Interiority), the Life Project gains greater breadth and strength from the 8th year of EF2, starting to include in the following years of High School the POP – Professional Guidance Program.

"AHE Project - Art, Humanism and Spirituality" a project created with young people and for young people, with its own Company of Mary methodology, promotes interiorization, favoring the formation of identity, through personal experience with oneself, with others, with the world and with the transcendent.

Project #AVidaRespira:   Elementary School II and High School

 Formative activity that takes place outside the College, in spaces that invite a “break” in the daily routine, to learn in a different way, a time to deepen the quality of our fundamental relationships.


Compa offers families who wish to deepen their knowledge and formation of the Roman Catholic Apostolic faith Courses for:

  • 1st Eucharist: Pre-Catechesis: from the 4th year of Elementary School 1
  • Catechesis: from the 5th year of Elementary School 1
  • Confirmation: From the 9th year of Elementary School II
  • Specific catechesis for adults.