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Full Time School

Educate in life and for life, through a relationship that accompanies, integrates and helps to grow.

(College view of the Company of Mary)

This is an optional extended period, with learning workshops that promote meaningful activities, which, through project pedagogy, seek to improve fundamental skills and abilities in the construction of the teaching-learning process and in the development of social-emotional aspects.


We will offer the fun vacation in the months of January and July, during the school holidays, with a dynamic and specially prepared for all children.

It is a great opportunity to enjoy this time in a pleasant and safe way, among specialized professionals!

Compa it has its own educational proposal, quality teaching, which considers the individual as the center of academic action; it offers comprehensive training that contributes to the harmonious development of all its potential.

Artistic Activities/maker
Musicalization, Craft and Painting Workshops
3D Printer Projects
Mind Funess workshop

Project Pedagogy: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship,
Financial education.
Healthy eating
cooking classes
Monitoring with a nutritionist
Judo, Sports Practice
Physical activities
Rhythm Circuit
street dance



Complementary Period for students who need to stay at the College until 8pm. During this period, dinner is served, and after that, recreational and playful activities are carried out, so that our students feel comfortable in a welcoming environment.

Alternative Period for children aged 1 year and 2 months to 3 years, with a differentiated service for this age group. The proposal is worked through the pedagogy of projects in which all practices are performed with playfulness.